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Our revolutionary design utilizes a PVC coated, high performance spring steel frame. However, innovation does not need to be complex, so you will not find unnecessary attachment hardware on FlexScreen


We were tired of bent aluminium frames, scratched paint, and broken hardware. So..we built a window screen that can be thrown off the top of a five-story building without being damaged.


Built with you in mind. Simply hold the screen in your hands…bend the sides in…fit FlexScreen into your screen track.


FlexScreen hides in the window screen pocket, drastically improving site lines and eliminating the need for color matching. Your windows will never look better

Product Details

effortless installation & curb appeal

Our spring steel frame flexes for easy installation and removal. It always springs back to a straight line which pulls the mesh tight and the frame square. This means no more wavy mesh and no more hour glass shaped frames. Because Flexscreen’s powder coated frame disappears into your window’s screen channel, your viewing area out is increased, and you have eliminated any color mismatch issues between your window color and screen frame color. Creating more curb appeal from the outside of your home and cleaner lines on the inside.

better views with BetterVue

FlexScreens are available in standard fiberglass mesh and BetterVue. Our BetterVue screens use a much finer mesh that allows 20% more visual clarity, 20% more airflow, 20% more visible light and protection against smaller insects.

simple & durable

Buying direct from the manufacturer and our simple manufacturing process, allows us to sell you a better screen at a similar price to a traditional one. Our manufacturing process starts with a spring steel frame that is bent and welded to your exact dimensions on our precision C.N.C. wire bender and welder. Next, it passes through our 680 foot powder coat line where it is coated with an incredibly durable black P.V.C. powder coat. The third and final step is, we heat up the P.V.C. powder coated frame and then thermally fuse the screen mesh to the frame, permanently bonding the two together. That’s all there is to it. No springs, no clips, no spline and no painted frames.

About Us

Flexscreen is the world’s first flexible window screen and the only one of its kind. We have taken high performance spring steel and powder coated it with a super durable pvc coating, turning it into a window screen that is incredibly durable, invisible when installed, and completely user friendly. Each screen is custom manufactured at our 21,000 square foot facility located outside Atlanta, Georgia with precision CNC equipment. Flexscreen can be found on windows manufactured across the United States and works in nearly all windows that have a screen channel, whether vinyl, wood, fiberglass or aluminum. Flexscreen is a great option for replacement window screens. There are multiple options for screen mesh including BetterVue, solar screen, and tuff screen. Call us today if you are a window manufacturer or window dealer to setup an account.

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